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  Guidance on how to best access Web of Science and InCites when working remotely



  • 免费的梯子加速器  Link directly to Web of Science resources from your library website
  • Master Journal List  Wondering if a title is covered in our products?  Search by title, keyword and ISSN
  • Journal Submission Process  Find out more about how journals are selected and how to recommend a title.
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  • Web of Science newsletter  Receive our newsletter to keep up with the latest Web of Science news


Web of Science Platform

  • Web of Science Platform overview
  • Web of Science Core Collection
  • What's New in Web of Science?  
  • Web of Science Raw Data

InCites Platform

  • InCites Benchmarking & Analytics
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • Essential Science Indicators




Additional Guides

  • Librarian Toolkit - Your one stop shop for info on supporting your organization using Clarivate resources.
    • ​​Lesson plans - Sample lesson plans with class outlines for teaching your own class on Web of Science, etc. 
  • Authors and Researchers Guide - Explore the Clarivate universe from an author perspective.

Training options

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